Thursday, February 10, 2005

The Five-Day Weekend Commences

I'm off to San Antonio this morning for the annual TMEA convention, a.k.a. Old Home Week, Pre-Spring Break Spring Break, etc. Halfling will be going with me this time, which will be all kinds of cool. Among the things we're planning to see are concerts by Peter Erskine, Eric Marienthal and the One O'Clock, and of course we'll get to try out all the cool new horns and what-not. Blogging will be limited until Sunday, though there is a little computer bank in the exhibit hall; if I don't have too many emails to reply to when I'm there, I'll sneak over to Blogger for a quick post. It's not supposed to be much warmer down there than it is here, but I'll bet it doesn't snow like it did last year.

Oh yeah, and Monday is a school holiday in my district too. I'll teach a few lessons (and have a gig that night), but it's also a relaxing day since I won't have to get up at six in the morning. I'm really looking forward to this.

Regional rivalry resumes: I read in the paper yesterday that, not this year, but in '06 and '07, UNT and SMU will once again meet in football. 'Bout time...

Blowing out a third of a dozen candles: Happy birthday to my nephew Noah, who turns four today. We should actually get to see him on our trip down, as Austin's right on the way. I posted the story of Noah's arrival into the world on this site last year; he was actually born during TMEA, and I received the news of his birth at the same hotel we'll be staying in this year. He's a great kid, and I'm looking forward to a visit or two during the trip.

QUOTE OF THE (YESTER)DAY: "So basically this thing is like a Trekkie convention for old music people?"--A rather eccentric student of mine, referring to TMEA, of course. I assured him that many of the attendees were not, in fact, old.

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