Monday, February 07, 2005

Finally, a Game That Was Better Than the Commercials

I actually enjoyed watching the Super Bowl last night. As we might say in Texas, I didn't have a dog in this fight (since my favorite team, the Cowboys, were awful this year), but I was definitely pulling for New England, because it's hard to be a Dallas fan and root for Philly (and I bet people from other places might feel the same way, seeing as how Eagles fans have booed Santa Claus and applauded when Michael Irvin got injured at a game there). The big game is so often a blowout by the end of the first half; this one kept us (somewhat literally) on the edge of our chairs the whole time.

The halftime was obviously a bit tamer than last year's, seeing as how everyone in broadcasting has been feeling a bit under-the-gun since last year's "wardrobe malfunction" fiasco. Sir Paul did a fine job, although Halfling and I thought it would've been fun if they'd trotted out Maynard Ferguson during the obligatory rendition of "Hey Jude."

As for the commercials, everyone was a bit more subdued as well. I liked the FedEx spot with the "top ten ways to make a successful Super Bowl commercial," as well as the one with the cat and the tomato sauce and the mean old man who kept throwing things (their baseball, a car, MC Hammer) back to the kids over the fence after they gave him a bag of potato chips. What was your favorite commercial?

The department of redundancy department: I keep hearing an ad on the radio that talks about a "ceremonial Chinese tea ceremony." Doesn't the fact that it's a ceremony make it, well, ceremonial?


Eric Grubbs said...

Ceremonial Chinese Tea Ceremony? Did Bernie Bernard or Jimmy James write this copy?

Kev said...

Or maybe a guy I worked with at KNTU, Robbie Robison...