Monday, January 03, 2005

Sundays May Be a Bit Less Funny For a While...

Yes, it's true: Humorist Dave Barry is taking a year's hiatus from writing his column; he may or may not resume it after that time. If you don't get the Sunday paper, you can read his farewell-for-now column here. Thankfully, his blog is still up and running, and his page-a-day calendar is out for this year as well. The first place I stopped last night actually had one in stock (for half-off, of course); that was even easier than last year.

I'm number one: As of last night, Googling "kevin mcnerney" (either with or without the quotes) actually brings up my website at the top of the list! My understanding is that the top spot is reserved for the site receiving the most hits of all the ones containing the keywords. That means I finally beat the brewer and the corporate guy...yay. My site is nothing special at the moment, but if you want to visit it for a second to help maintain my ranking, I would be most appreciative. (If only there were a monetary prize attached, huh?) Go ahead and sign the guestbook if you'd like; it's been pretty quiet over there lately.

We're LSSU, and we did not approve this message: Lake Superior State University has come out with its annual Banned Words List, a collection of sayings that people have grown tired of hearing over the past year. Included on the 2005 list are ├╝ber, carbs, "-izzle" - speak, flip-flop (unless it's on your foot), "...and I approved this message" and wardrobe malfunction. Oddly enough, also on the list is "blog," but the comments with the entry seem very much indicative of non-bloggers. They don't know what they're missing, I say.

UPDATE: Speaking of malfunctions, I just managed to drop half a pitcher of tea (a plastic one, thankfully) on my kitchen floor. Would that be called a "beverage malfunction?"


Eric Grubbs said...

When you Google "Eric Grubbs," my blog comes up first. The funny thing is, Eric Grubbs is also the name of one of the owners of Grubbs Nissan here in the Metroplex. Hmmm, so that's why I got a call to come out to Grubbs Nissan to let some customers get off the lot.

Kev said...

My brother-in-law is a Sewell, and everybody always asks me if his parents own all those car dealerships (nope, completely different family).

I once got a call from FedEx telling me that they had a package for me from Singapore, which surprised me to no end since I don't know anyone over there. Turns out it was for the other Kevin McNerney in the Metroplex who sells medical supplies and now lives in California.

Eric Grubbs said...

At least we don't have celebrity names like OJ Simpson or William Hung or a name like Bernie Bernard.

Kev said...

Yeah, I've known a bunch of those over time. Went to middle school with John Lennon, high school with both Robert Wagner and Natalie Wood, and college with Elizabeth Taylor (she played trombone, heh) and a jazz saxophonist with the unfortunate moniker of Miles Davis (at least he didn't play trumpet!).

And as for the Bernie Bernard thing, I worked with a Robbie Robison in college radio for a while.

Eric Grubbs said...

One of my college roommates was named John Kennedy. Apparently his parents just liked the name.

It turns out Bernie Bernard was a misprint in the yearbook. His real name was Brian Bernard.