Thursday, May 08, 2003

Victory Is Mine

I finally won at Basketbottle today. :-) Confused? I'll explain a bit later...

And now, the college semester is basically over...still need to do grades, but that won't take long. Oh yeah, and I got to see 15th Street Jazz open up for their HS big band tonight...finally made one of their school concerts, the last one before they graduate. They were always the same night as one of my gigs...even blew off a possible dinner with my parents to go. It's really great to see just how far a student can go when they take what you give them and run with it...and when music becomes a part of their very being. And it's awesome for them to have put together a combo on their own while in HS, and gig for I tell them often, they still don't totally know how cool this is.

One more day to go before some sleep....and six days till the Matrix!

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