Friday, May 09, 2003

A Basketbottle Primer

OK, so here's the deal with Basketbottle: You know how guys always turn anything into a competition, right? Well, ever since I can remember, I've consumed either a bottle of water or some Powerade while teaching combo class. Then I usually go and fling it across the room and totally miss the little wastebasket in the corner. So this semester, my buddy Steven (a.k.a. Dingus 2) challenges me, saying if I ever actually make the shot, he'll reward me with the local "wampum"--a Chipotle burrito. Eventually the challenge becomes mutual, and Basketbottle is born.

So we both miss, from various distances, and it looks like there may never be a winner in this ridiculous game all semester...until yesterday, the very last day, right before semester's end. Our good friend Lee is there and is in on the competition too. I have a bottle of that new Tropical Remix Sprite (good stuff, incidentally), and I rare back ..and sink it! Woo hoo! Steven soon follows suit, and all of a sudden it's, uhh....what do we do now? We had never provided for two people making it. (Lee put up a valiant effort and came Really Dang Close but didn't make the finals this time--so he doesn't owe anyone a burrito either.) So we do "sudden death" kinda like college football...the next time someone makes it, the other one has to follow suit, or he loses. After several more misses, I drain another one...and Steven just barely misses. Yay! I win!

And the really funny thing is..Steven gets frustrated and takes several "practice shots" once the competition is done...finally gives up, says "ehh, screw it" and just chucks the bottle to actually throw it away....and nails it, just a little too late.

So now that we know it can actually be done...I'm sure I'll be defending my championship into the summer and beyond...

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