Thursday, May 01, 2003

A Slow Week

It's been kind of a slow week at school, what with the TAKS test going on. I've only been able to teach about 4 lessons a day, instead of the usual 12-15...but at least it's better than during the snow week in February (and much better weather). It almost feels wrong to take a nap during mid-day, but no complaints here. I'm just trying to catch up on R&R, after my whirlwind weekend to Waco and Nacogdoches, and trying not to think about all the lost lesson income.
Oh yeah, and the college semester is winding down, but three concerts this week (one down, two to go). The big one is Saturday night, and I sent emails to nearly 80 (!) people about it, so chances are if you're in the area, you already know. Come fill the place!