Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spring Has Broken, and Daylight Is No Longer Wasted

Spring break may have started at the close of business on Friday, but I can finally celebrate it today. This past week has been consumed by preparations for the reactivation of a fraternity chapter yesterday (and congrats to the brothers of Sigma Omega!), so today is the "I can finally exhale" day. (In fact, the rest of the week is set to be pretty relaxed, minus practicing and the traditional spring cleaning.)

And with the break comes an extra perk: The first week of Daylight Saving Time. I've noted many times on this blog that I'm a big DST fan, going as far as to refer to Standard Time as Daylight Wasting Time. As I said in that 2003 post,
I think the really depressing part of DWT is that it almost always gets dark before I'm done teaching now. It seems to me that if you don't finish work until after dark, you've worked too long. In a way, I know my days are too long, but at least I can hide behind a little denial if I get home while the sun is still out. DWT blows that all out of the water, and I'm forced to come to terms with my workaholic self. Bleh.
So now, it will be light out at the end of nearly every teaching day (save for Thursdays when I teach a night class until 9:45), and I can enjoy the "saved" hour of daylight, rather than having it at six in the morning when there's pretty much nothing I can do with it. (UPDATE: A bit of the history of DST may be found here.)

With the break, I should be posting regularly and getting caught up on some unfinished entries from the past few weeks.

Enjoy a piece of Pi today: Today is also Pi Day, and if I'd remembered that a little earlier, I would have done this post about an hour ago (3/14 at 1:59).

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