Wednesday, February 25, 2009

This Could Really Be My Cup of Tea

Instapundit posted an "insta-poll" this morning asking the following: "What should be the goal of the Tea Party movement?" Here's my reply:
1) Term limits for all in government, including staffers and bureaucrats (exceptions for the military, of course). Nobody spends more than ten years of their career in government, and they can't start there either; the only entry-level careers should be in the productive class, and that's where people should return after loaning their talents (which they'll actually have, being in the productive class beforehand) to government for a short time.
2) A ban on ex-members of Congress becoming lobbyists for ten years after the conclusion of their terms.

3) Stripping the federal government of all powers (especially with regard to taxation) not explicitly given to it by the Constitution.

4) No more special perks for Congress (private planes, etc.), and no special health care or retirement plans; they retire on Social Security and and subject to whichever health care plan they happen to pass.

It's time to return to citizen-legislators. No more "two Americas" in this regard!
I probably left something out, but that's a good start.

Read the whole thing, and feel free to post your own thoughts both there and here.

(I'll catch up on the past few days' posts eventually...)

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