Sunday, February 01, 2009

Rating the Ads

Now that the big game is over, it's once again time to ask you, my readers, to chime in on which Super Bowl ads you liked the most. I"m having to catch up on some of them, as I didn't quite get home in time for the beginning of the game, but from what I actually saw, the Budweiser Clydesdale commercial that showed the protagonist horse's great-grandfather faltering his way through a series of jobs before settling in with the beer company is probably my favorite so far; those ads are always good.

As for other ones that I liked? Here are a few that stand out:
  • the "Forever Young" spot for Pepsi

  • the Crystal Ball ad for Doritos

  • the takeoff on the Mean Joe Greene Coke ad, this time for Coke Zero and featuring Troy Polamalu (incidentally, they still show the original spot at UNT games, since that's Mean Joe's alma mater)

  • and the one where all the bugs collectively steal a Coke from a sleeping picnicker
All the ads can be seen at this MySpace page. Which one did you like the best? And if there are any that you thought were particularly bad, you can talk about them as well.

UPDATE: After going through some of the ones I missed, another Clydesdale ad--the one with the stick-fetching--earns high marks from me as well.

He got pretty Jacked up: Another commercial (that aired regionally, because I don't think Jack in the Box has a presence across the country) makes us wonder: Will Jack be OK? It's not every day that a company shows its spokes-CEO getting hit by a bus. Like many on the site, I blame the maniacal Burger King...

Six years later: We still remember the Columbia Seven. It came up in conversation several times this weekend, because the previous time our workshop took place in Commerce--which allowed us to unwittingly witness the horrendous event as it as happening--was that weekend in '03.

Blowing out the candles: Happy birthday to my friend and fraternity brother James.

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