Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Enjoy the Day

I have a couple of really big topical posts this week, but I'm going to put them off for one more day.

Why? Because my next two posts will be highly critical of government, or at least some of their proposed actions. But a lot of people are celebrating today, and it's time to let them have their moment. Even those whose candidate was not victorious in November can hardly fail to see the symbolism of today, or they may be very close to some people with whom today resonates very personally.

So today is a day for celebrating, or at least for quiet reflection. (And it's possible to celebrate the bloodless transfer of power--again, as it has been for over 225 years--even if one's own candidate didn't win; how many other nations can boast such things?) Tomorrow, everyone in Washington will get back to work, and here (where we don't discuss politics per se, but there's certainly a lot of discussion of when the government goes awry), it will be time to speak out once again.

So enjoy the day in whichever way you choose. Posts of substance will resume tomorrow.

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