Monday, January 05, 2009

Being an Aggie's Brother and All...

...I may be predisposed to root against the Texas Longhorns most of the time. But tonight's winning touchdown catch by Quan Cosby in the Fiesta Bowl was a thing of beauty, especially the way he joyfully leaped into the end zone. I'll see if I can link to a video later; even in this on-demand world, things don't necessarily get posted online right away.

Truth be told, I lapse from time to time in being a "good Aggie's brother," I suppose, as I still favor Texas over Oklahoma every year--state pride and all--and have pretty much pulled for them almost every game this year, with the obvious exception of the A&M game, of course. Maybe some of it has to do with the aw-shucksness of Colt McCoy and crew, but this--unlike some Texas teams of the past--just seems like a really likable team that just happens to be wearing burnt orange. (And there's always the fact that most of my friends from high school attended college in Austin, and I've had a bunch of former students go there for business, engineering, architecture and things like that.)

At any rate, it was a good game, worth watching in almost its entirety. But the spring semester starts for the public schools in the morning, and I need to try to reset my sleep clock. I'll be back with a longer, more substantial post tomorrow.

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