Monday, October 20, 2008

Welcome Mean Green Fans...

I was checking out my SiteMeter stats today, and I noticed a huge uptick in traffic yesterday. One look at my referrals page explained what had happened: Someone on the forums discovered Sunday's post about the victorious UNT stadium referendum and linked to it there. While one reader backed my anonymous commenter (the first one, that is, who I'm pretty sure is not the same anonymous commenter who came in dropping F-bombs later--that's a good reason for all the Anonymi to adopt screen names if they visit regularly), but the others seemed supportive of my post.

So to any new readers who came here via the GoMeanGreen forums--welcome! I'm a UNT alum myself (with two degrees from the College of Music), and I make it up to as many Mean Green football games as I can. I've written plenty of posts regarding various things at UNT in the past (click the "UNT" tag at the bottom of this post to see some of them, and I'll get the rest tagged shortly), so I hope you'll come back regularly and get involved in the comment section.

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