Wednesday, October 29, 2008

This Fine Young Band Is About to Become Asia's Business, Too

I've written about the band Nobody's Business in a short post last spring, when I first was turned onto their music by my friend Colin, who plays drums in the band (and is also the first-call drummer for any project that I have these days). Since then, I've purchased their debut CD, Forward Momentum, and I've seen them live at a Denton club last month.

And now, their music is about to go not just far beyond Denton, but far beyond our shores, as they embark on an Asian tour starting tomorrow:
"Every musician wants to play internationally and show other cultures their music," [pianist Roberto] Verastegui said. "We thought Asia would be good to start with."

Soon, Nobody's Business will play a two-week tour in Hong Kong and Tokyo.

The tour covers nine gigs from Oct. 30 to Nov. 8, including stops at Hong Kong Baptist University, jazz clubs and an artist showcase for jazz and blues music.
And perhaps the coolest part is that their professors are very much OK with the fact that they'll be missing two weeks' worth of class and, for the most part, letting them make up missed assignments. As Colin said in the article, "After all, we're doing what we're supposed to be doing."

Be sure and check out the video at the bottom of the linked article for a quick impromptu video of the band jamming. And in two weeks, on November 14, the band will host a fundraising show for a future trip to Mexico by splitting a gig with the UNT jazz faculty at the Syndicate on campus.

Bon voyage, guys! They should love you over there...

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