Saturday, February 02, 2008

Having No Tag Was Taking Its Toll On Me

As of this moment, it feels like Kevmobile 2.0 is truly accessorized. My registration sticker came in the mail today, so I was able to affix it to my windshield and attach the license plates, and, with those two things in place, finally start using my TollTag again. I gave a mini-rantlet about that a few weeks ago, but let me say it again: There should be a way for existing customers to use their tags right away when they get a new car (and oddly enough, when I changed my information on the NTTA's website, there was a checkbox for a temporary tag, with an expiration date listed...but if they've changed that policy, they haven't done too good of a job in getting that information out to the customers).

I hadn't been aware of it until this weekend, but evidently, there's a new state law here in Texas that requires people buying new cars to use their old plates as long as they are under a certain number of years old. This makes sense to me, especially considering the possible alternative--having your plates stay with the car, the new owner of that car committing some sort of infraction, and, thanks to a non-updated database somewhere, having that trouble incorrectly being attributed to you. At least that's one less set of numbers and letters to remember. And with that, it feels like the car is truly mine now.

I'd been avoiding the tollways as much as I could for the past three weeks (which is hard to do when you live near one), so now, I feel like I can really enjoy my new car to the fullest. The mini-roadtrip to Denton was enjoyable, and I look forward to taking it on even longer excursions in the near future.

We haven't had our Phil of winter yet: In case you haven't heard, the famed groundhog Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow this morning, which means that we're supposed to have six more weeks of winter. Anyone want to predict whether or not we'll have a snow day this year?

Blowing out the candles: Happy birthday to my friend and fraternity brother Kevin in Houston.

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