Thursday, May 17, 2007

News Blast, Part 2

Continuing to clean out the bookmarks...

A good day for blogging: Colleges are now linking selected students' blogs to their websites; the often-unvarnished true look at college life from a student's point of view is said to aid in recruiting.

A bad day for blogging: The Department of Defense has blocked sites such as MySpace and YouTube from departmental computers and networks.

Orange you glad it's not Dallas topping the list? The annual listing of America's rudest drivers is out; Miami tops the list again, and Dallas/Ft. Worth is the fifth-friendliest among cities surveyed.

This guy's a walking advertisement for helmets now: A bicyclist in Wisconsin had his head run over by a delivery truck but escaped with only a concussion (and a very messed-up helmet, needless to say).

...and Eye-talian food: A California school's beachside walk-a-thon had an unusual guest when a sea lion waddled ashore and joined them for a lap.

Funny story of the week: A blues singer's woman tells her side of the story and claims she didn't do her man nearly so wrong as the song would suggest.

Weird criminal of the week: Most people try to break out of a jail cell. A New Zealand man did this, but only after breaking into one first.

That sounds like fun--now, how about letting a musician be president for the day? A Mother's Day concert in Jamestown, Virginia last weekend had an extra added bonus when President Bush conducted part of The Stars and Stripes Forever.

Regular posts should resume tomorrow...

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