Saturday, April 07, 2007

Evidently, They're Dreaming of a White Easter

I have no intention of injecting this blog into the global-warming debate, but, whether it's a trend or a fluke, this winter sure has been colder than usual around here. So while I wasn't completely surprised, it was still rather odd to wake up on the day before Easter (Easter Eve? Good Saturday?) and hear talk of possible snow tomorrow in Amarillo and a chance of flurries today in this area. (A friend told me a little while ago that one of his friends, who lives a few miles south of here, had texted him earlier in the morning to say that there were in fact flurries coming down, but my friend wasn't awake to confirm it, and if there were flurries here, none of them reached the ground.)

Still, the concept of a white Easter is intriguing; imagine the adaptations that would have to be made to the usual traditions:
  • Easter Egg Hunt--The upside? Much easier to hide the eggs. (But the downside is that a lot of them would get stepped on during the hunt)

  • Chocolate bunnies--They won't melt in the car if you take them to lunch with you.

  • Ladies' Easter hats and bonnets--Well, you certainly need to wear something on your head when it snows. Anyone want to start the new tradition of the Easter hoodie?

  • Traditional outdoor sunrise service at church--Umm, no thanks. In a word, brrrrrrr!
UPDATE: By the end of the day, there had been no sign of snow in my neck of the woods, though it was quite odd to, in the midst of my evening errands, be driving around 1) wearing a hoodie, 2) running the heater in the car, and 3) listening to a baseball game on the radio. I felt bad for the die-hards who were out at the Rangers game tonight in what could only be called "great football weather"--the radio team said that the temperature at Rangers Ballpark was 38 degrees in the second inning.

This has been one of the craziest winters on record (even though it's not officially winter anymore). The inevitable warmup will come soon enough, but let's see how long we can hold out here at Casa de Kev before turning on the air conditioner; I almost had to do so at the beginning of the week, but the cold hit the next day. Anyone want to make a prediction on how long I can hold out with ceiling fans alone?

Silly punishment: A student was suspended for coming to school wearing pirate garb; the student said that his reilgious beliefs (he calls himself a "Pastafarian" who believes the world was created by the Flying Spaghetti Monster) require him to wear "full pirate regalia."

Even sillier punishment: And in California, of all places, a student was suspended from school for wearing Winnie-the-Pooh socks.

But here's a completely sensible punishment: A recent Northwest Airlines flight was canceled after pilot began dropping F-bombs during a cell phone conversation and ranting at passengers as they boarded the plane.


Gary P. said...

I have no intention of injecting this blog into the global-warming debate,

Must resist urge to post neo-con fascist snark regarding the Global Warming boogeyman...

Kev said...

LOL. Well, Gary, you're welcome to post anything you want in here; I just said that I was going to stay out of the fray for now.