Sunday, April 08, 2007

The Bunny Pages

Happy Easter to all of you Musings readers who so celebrate. (And for those who don't celebrate the sacred side of the holiday, enjoy that chocolate bunny on general principle.) I'll take most of today as a holiday as well, but here's some of the funny stuff I've come across recently...

"Ace" trumped "age" for this lady: A California woman scored a hole-in-one in golf at the age of 102. (This reminds me of my grandmother, who broke 200 in bowling--something I have yet to do--in her mid-80's.)

This joke was taxing their patience: It turns out that the announcement that a region in Belgium was about to impose a tax on barbecuing (to offset global warming) was nothing more than an April Fool's joke.

You can play this in the key of P: When I was studying clarinet in undergrad school, I always joked about wanting to turn the instrument into a lamp once I passed my proficiency barrier. But here's someone who turned a baritone horn into a toilet (or was it an alto horn? It's hard to get a sense of scale on this thing). More crazy commodes here.

Stupid criminals of the week: When robbing a restaurant, it's best to make sure that the bag you're taking is actually full of money, and not just leftover bread, like this hapless couple in Australia. To add injury to insult--yes, I meant to state it that way--the man's gun accidentally discharged, wounding his female accomplice in the stomach, as he tried to take the manager's car keys.

Sheep thrills: You've no doubt heard of the tradition of dyeing bunnies and chicks in bright colors so they could be sold as Easter pets. Now a Scottish farmer has dyed some of his sheep red, much to the confusion of passing motorists.

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