Thursday, April 12, 2007


The Musings of Kev is four years old today. Back in 2003 when I started this thing, I had no idea what this would become. I had never read a "professional" blog in my life; the only ones I'd seen were those of individuals who kept a sort of daily online journal for an audience in the single digits. And while The Musings has never enjoyed a wide audience, I have had the pleasure of receiving hits from all over the place, especially thanks to the Maynard tribute review. I've had the opportunity to speak out on a wide variety of issues (I dabbled in journalism in college, and I've always sort of thought of this forum as my regular "column"), and I've even made a few friends through blogging.

This has been a crazy semester for me, and there have been plenty of times when I've started a post but not finished it until a day--or even a week--later. But thanks for hanging in there and giving me a bit of your time. I'll continue to do my best to make it a worthwhile stop for you along the information superhighway.