Tuesday, October 04, 2005

The Saga Continues

I'm still without Kevmobile 1.2; evidently it was making "three different noises" today and they had to call in their transmission specialist. Whatever happens, they're going to have to take out the whole transmission again, which sounds expensive. Bleh.

I'm at least mobile again; the rental place was able to get me into a car today (a Volvo station wagon....go soccer dad Kev!), since missing college rehearsals was not a possibility. But that costs money, too, so it's been pretty distracting, and this definitely wasn't how I wanted to spend the end of my four-day weekend. Even if it gets done tomorrow, it'll be a challenge to get the rental car back and get driven back to my car without tanking any more lessons.

Oh, and to add insult to injury, I came home tonight to find another jury summons in the mailbox. The most recent time I'd been called was just last year at this time, and I've never gotten called two years in a row. It's almost like it's a conspiracy to prevent me from keeping a lot of my money or something.

Meh. I'll work through it. I always do. For now, though, it's all pretty annoying.

There's no crying whining in baseball: The regular baseball season is over, but some of the Yankees, with A-Rod leading the pack, are whining and accusing Rangers manager Buck Showalter of poor sportsmanship during Sunday's finale against the Angels. Why? Because Young, Teixeira and Blalock, the team's emerging superstars, were each pulled after their first at-bat. Buck said he did it so that they could each get the standing ovation they deserved from the fans. A-Rod and company accused him of doing it so the Rangers would lose to the Angels, which took home-field advantage away from the Yankees for the first round.

Umm...A-Rod? It's not always about you, buddy. That New York mentality has gotten to you. I can't believe I was ever a fan of this guy when he was a Ranger.

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Gary P. said...

Two comments:

Is there anything more amusing and pathetic than listening to the Yankees, of all teams, whine about how they get screwed when all other teams don't lay down and do what's in the best interest of the Evil Empire? Never mind that they're making an issue of losing home field advantage to the Angels -- despite having the same record -- through the same set of tiebreakers that enabled them to "win" their division instead of being the Wild Card since the Red Sox also had the same record???

Alex Rodriguez talks a good game speaking of a "Code of Honor." Is that the same code of honor that causes prima donna players to force trades to hand-picked teams once they deem that they are too important to share a locker room with "24 kids"? Or the same code that suggests a player should look like a big freakin' pansy trying to girlee-slap the ball out of the glove of someone trying to tag him out in a playoff game? Or the same code that says you should pick a fight with the captain of your rival team, then get your head handed to you? Gay-Rod is such a phony.