Friday, April 15, 2005

What a Great Feeling It Is... be in a band, playing well, in a place packed with people (many of whom are family and friends, but plenty who are not), and everyone is really digging what you're doing. That was the feeling we had tonight at the TD/D gig at the Coffee Haus. I'm looking forward to having that feeling even more frequently with this band.

Even though we hadn't played together in public in over six months, we seemed to be tighter than before; evidently, our individual growth as musicians over the past half-year has carried over to the group, and that's always cool. Sure, there were some "interesting" moments where sections of certain tunes didn't connect as they could have, but that's nothing that another rehearsal won't cure. The energy level was definitely there, so that made it a wonderful time for all of us.

It looks like this will lead to not only a return engagement at the Coffee Haus, but other things as well, and when we finally get to record our demo in late spring/early summer, we'll have even more doors opening to us. I'm really fired up about the group--not that I ever wasn't, really, but the long period between gigs made the concept of TD/D seem almost abstract at times. We're back in the land of concrete now, and I think it's here to stay for a long while. Tonight reminded me why, even though I still make most of my income teaching (which is certainly rewarding in its own way, plus that's how I originally met every member of the band), I think I'm a performer at heart. I'll be putting a lot of time and energy in the foreseeable future to getting that to as high of a level as I can, and it's great to have this collection of friends along for what's turning into a really fun ride.

More thoughts over at the TD/D blog.

Reunions are busting out everywhere: Tonight I managed to see a fraternity brother I hadn't seen in about five years (on the verge of his leaving for New England for six months), as well as Halfling and Dingus's old high school jazz director, whom I hadn't seen in a good nine months or more, and a former student of mine from ten years ago (he's working in local theatre now and just randomly walked in for a drink; as is often the case, he recognized me, but I didn't recognize him at all at first). One thing's for sure, the mailing list is getting bigger...

Funniest story of the week so far: Protesters from PETA target a KFC restaurant in Brownsville; the manager responds by turning the sprinklers on them. (Hat tip: InstaPundit)

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