Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Off to the Alamo City

I leave for TMEA tonight, right after improv class. Since class lets out at nearly 9 p.m., I obviously won't make it all the way to San Antonio in one trip. I'll try to hook up with Chris C. when I pass through Waco, and then I'll make it maybe as far as Temple or Georgetown before I call it a night. It sure won't be nearly as much fun as the drive down last year, when I had Micah and his 257 Stevie Wonder CD's in tow. That was the shortest trip to S.A. on record; we ended up making it all the way down there in that one night.

But it'll be a great time down there, with Micah, Fizban, Gold Dingus and all my zillions of fraternity brothers and miscellaneous old college buds around (last year I got to hang with Fizban so much, I almost could have renamed the event "Lee-MEA"). I have more money in my bank account than I have ever had going down there, so my mission is to avoid the huge temptation of spending it all on cool jazz CD's. (Micah, in all likelihood, will not avoid this temptation. Heh heh.)

Perhaps when I get back, I'll be able to finish all the incomplete posts that I've done lately (this will confuse people who read the archives later, since they won't know which posts I'm talking about). This has happened basically for two reasons: 1) the normal mad rush to get stuff done during the short TMEA week, and 2) the thing that Halfling posted about yesterday. In a nutshell, we found out that, instead of having until April 1 to finish his UNT jazz audition tape, we have until the 23rd of this month. That's right--twelve days, which is just a little less time than the seven weeks we thought we had. We got together last night and charted out the plan of action, and even though his post from Monday was titled "I'm screwed," I think we're both pretty pumped about it now.

Well, I won't be at a fancy hotel with free Internet, but there is a little "Internet cafe" in the exhibit hall, so if the line isn't too long, I'll at least do a quick "Kev, Live from TMEA" post while I'm down there. Until then, peace out.

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