Sunday, June 01, 2014

Ladies in Church Say the Darnedest Things

During the break before the first service, a couple of elderly ladies approached me in the hallway...

LADY: I've never told you how much I love your horn...your saxophone. It adds so much to the service.
ME: Thank you so much.
LADY: It reminds me of, oh...that famous saxophonist.
(ME, to self: Please don't say Kenny G.)
LADY: I can't remember his name, but I have one of his recordings.
(ME, still to self: I really hope you don't mean Kenny G.)
LADY: You know who I'm talking about.
ME (smiling); There are lots of famous saxophonists.
LADY: You'd recognize him if I told you. But anyway, you sound just like him.
ME: Thank you. (To self: Maybe she's a Stan Getz fan...)

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