Tuesday, June 15, 2010

iCan't Tell Time Properly; How About You?

I've already posted this on Facebook, but I'll throw it out to the blog community as well: For the past few days, my iPhone's clock has been four minutes slow (compared to my computer, watch, the radio, etc.). Anyone else having this issue?

Some of the responders on Facebook have said that this does happen from time to time. One friend weighs in with the following:
it's a common 3G problem with AT&T, Kev. it has to do with strength of signal from "competing" towers and the phone being able to sync up properly. It will come and go from time to time (no pun intended).
Heh. Others have noted wild variations between phones in the same household (husband's phone slow, wife's not--or vice versa). It might even have something to do with time-zone changes, though I haven't been out of Central Time since last summer. (I did make a very short trip to Oklahoma on Saturday, so feel free to throw out your favorite Okie joke here if you so desire.)

The same friend who suggested the technical glitch earlier came back with this philosophical gem:
[I]s everybody's life so structured that you can't deal with a being a minute or two "wrong" in either direction? remember the good ol' days when we would say, "oh, it's about a quarter 'til", or "5:30 or so"...no exactness. Now we're concerned about being 1 minute off from the official Naval Observatory time.
My reply was that, well, since my entire professional life depends on people showing up for lessons in precise half-hour chunks or being at rehearsals on time, then, yes, my life is that structured.

Feel free to post your own "weird iPhone clock" stories in the comments below.

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