Thursday, April 01, 2010

The Census Didn't Make a Fool Out of Me After All

A few weeks ago, I noted the ease of filling out the 2010 Census form, even as I wondered what the point was of sending it out in mid-March when it asked for a report on the status of one's household as of today, April 1 (no foolin'). After all, someone could go through a dramatic change in household status in the two weeks between the time the forms hit our mailboxes and today. Marriages begin and end, people are born and die, people move, and so on. I wondered how many times that happened--how many people filled out their status "as of April 1" two weeks ago and were then made into liars when life got in the way of their plans.

Well, I can happily report that, here at Casa de Kev, my report of two weeks ago remains accurate today. Since I wasn't expecting marriage or babies in the past two weeks, this is a good thing; it also means no friends got kicked out of their houses and had to move in, which is also good.

Did you fill out your census form yet? There sure were a lot of signs around reminding people to do so. And if you didn't get to chime in a few weeks ago, feel free to tell me if you think the process is too intrusive or if it's OK.

Not everybody plays the fool: Did you participate in either end of an April Fool's prank today? A lot of people are noting that, in this tight job climate, it might be a really bad idea to pull one at work. I didn't see any at the schools or the college today, though, being payday, a public school kid certainly could have pretended to forget to pay me. (Alas, those who said they forgot their money weren't pretending.)

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