Wednesday, April 21, 2010

'Book 'em, Kevo!

(If you're my friend on Facebook, you can probably skip this one. See ya tomorrow!)

As I expected, it's taking a little while for me to properly organize my admittedly meager time spent online since I joined Facebook a few weeks ago. It hasn't hit the blog as hard as it's hit Twitter (and maybe I just need to link Twitter with my Facebook feed, even though some of my status updates are more than 140 characters long), but there have been times where I've been even more behind on blog posts than usual, if that's even possible.

But sometimes, these worlds do merge; there are things I post on Facebook that might be interesting to my blog readers, so let me recap a few of them here:
  • This may be a rerun, but I'm going to have to do a full post on why cars and trucks don't mix on the highways. My trip to Waco last weekend convinced me of this beyond any doubt.

  • Is there any roadside treat in Central Texas that's better than a kolache from the Czech Stop?

  • Situation: My school district's audition music is only available online this year, putting the onus on the students to print it out. Problem: First student of the day on Monday hasn't printed his copy yet. Solution: We go over the music by reading it off the screen of my iPhone. Gotta love modern technology!

  • I was getting very frustrated with one of the tires on my car this week; the "low tire pressure" light was coming on every morning since Sunday, and I couldn't see or hear evidence of a leak. I brought it in yesterday, and we found the culprit: The smallest of nails.

  • The nail-in-the-tire story spawned another one from a while back: The last time I lived in an apartment complex, they spent over a year replacing the roof on all the units, so there were stray roofing nails all over the parking lot. One of them found its way into my tire, so I took it in to be fixed. A while later, the tire guy called me and said, "Well..., sir, it turns out that you didn't have a nail in your tire--you had *five* of them."

  • And finally, one from Facebook itself: My reaction thus far to the new Facebook terminology of "liking" a band/business/whatever (vs. the old "becoming a fan of" said entity) ranges from "meh" to "that's a silly idea."
As I said a while back, I promise that what I blog here won't be Facebook-driven all that often, but I will do these little updates every now and then.

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