Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Two Years Later, This Car Is Still a Great FIt

Today is a festive occasion on many levels; among other things, it's my two-year "cariversary" with Kevmobile 2.0 (detailed story here, better-quality pictures here). I've been happy with the Honda family ever since I bought my Acura in college (the legendary original Kevmobile, on which I hung 338,000 miles), and I'm extremely happy with the Fit.

Really, I have no complaints at all. The gas mileage is really good (even if the smaller tank sends me to the station a bit more, the MPG itself is superb), the capacity to haul various combinations of people and stuff has worked out really nicely (take note of the time I was able to haul 17 cases of laminate flooring in a single trip), and it's a lot of fun to drive. (I missed this a great deal when I was recovering from knee surgery and couldn't drive a stick; nothing else was quite the same.)

I also got in on this during a good model year. To me, there's something not quite as appealing about the design of the newer ('09 and later) models; the older ones have more personality, I guess. (My buddy Coop, who got me into this whole Fit thing in the first place, concurs with this, and we've noted in the past that neither of us anticipates buying a new car until ours are around ten years old or so.)

So here's to many more fun years of trouble-free driving.

Blowing out the candles: Happy birthday to my protege and li'l bro, Aaron (whose birthday party I arrived late to when I was buying the car two years ago). Also happy birthday to one of my favorite bloggers, Ann Althouse, as well as two very different radio hosts, Rush Limbaugh and Howard Stern.


Mark said...

I too, drive a Fit; mine being a 2008 base model with automatic transmission (wife can't drive standard). I bought it at the height of expensive gas in the summer of 08. While at times I wish I had gotten something else (typical buyer's regret), I can't complain about my Honda.

The first trip of any consequence was to drop kids off at different summer camps. Packs, luggage and sleeping bags for a week's worth of camping stacked up just fine in the back. I haven't needed to use the "magic seat" flip up feature, but I love showing it off!

I wish my mileage was better, but with the automatic and lots of city driving it isn't too bad.

Kev said...

Mark--yeah, I enjoy showing off the "magic seat" as well, and I've used it on occasion to take musical equipment on gigs. (I have yet to use it for either of the two scenarios that used to be on Honda's website around the time I bought the car--carrying a bicycle, or carrying an alpaca. Why in the world would anyone put a llama in the back of their car?)