Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy Fourth!

So here we are on our nice little built-in three-day weekend; I hope you're getting to have one as well, and my heart goes out to people in retail, health care, broadcasting, law enforcement, and so on. I'll only do this short post today; anything else will involve relaxing or catching up on other things.

I'll be out to see the Firewheel fireworks tonight; if you can't see any in your neck of the woods because of bad weather or whatever, you can always make your own display right there on your computer screen. And if you're one of the enterprising souls who decides to do it yourself (I've done this once in recent years), James Lileks reminds you to use common sense when doing so.

And no matter what, don't forget the reason we celebrate this day; it's not just about the fireworks.

This counts as several thousand more words in this post: Althouse has a collection of her favorite flag photographs.

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