Monday, April 14, 2008

Their Loo Threw Me for a Loop

Out running errands today. Descended upon a local chain drugstore to buy a birthday card. Needed a pit stop first. Thankfully, these types of drugstores have added restrooms lately, usually right next to the pharmacy. But upon entering the back hall that led to them, I noticed an odd occurrence:
  • The men's room has a lock on it. Not the kind with a giant key like they still have at some old gas stations, but a push-button combination lock.

  • The women's room has no similar accessories.

  • The pharmacist had to come from behind the counter and let me in personally. When asked why the men's room was this way but not the women's, he said--in almost an embarrassed tone--"You don't want to know."
Have you ever run across such a thing at any local business? Yeah, he's probably right that I don't want to know what caused them to do this (I have a few ideas, considering some of the things sold at drugstores), but it was still the strangest thing I'd seen in a long time.

The latest computer no computer update; still blogging from school. Hope to hear something by the end of the ten-day window I was given (Wednesday), or I'll be making a phone call.

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