Monday, April 07, 2008

Temporarily Down for the Count

I know that blogging has been spotty recently, but I never intended for it to appear as if I'd fallen off the face of the earth. But my computer had other ideas...

Friday afternoon, right before my departure for the jazz festival, the MacBook randomly shut off. It had done this before, in hotels on my recent Austin trip, but it had been running on battery power at the time; plugging it in allowed it to be turned on again. But this time, it was plugged in when this happened, and I couldn't get it to revive no matter what I did (trying every troubleshooting tip in the manual and so on). Everything suggested by fellow Mac owners, and all the things I printed out while on a borrowed computer, was likewise in vain.

The weekend was owned by the jazz festival, but yesterday's travels took me right by an Apple Store. After quite a bit of poking and prodding, it was decided that what had gone out was something called the "logic board," which even one of my most computer-savvy friends had to Google to figure out what it was. Paying list for a new part would have been devastatingly expensive, but they were able to find me a better deal from an alternate source.

So now I'm limited to computer time while I'm at the school (or when I make a special trip up there), so blogging will continue to be spotty for the next week to ten days. I do have quite a few things to talk about, so I'll try to include this in my regular regimen, but I guess it will depend on how many emails I get on any given day. As one who relies on a computer for about 90% of my business and communication, this will be a challenge, but I'll make it work just like I have all the other times.

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