Thursday, January 24, 2008

Anybody Taking Bets...

...on whether we'll really have an ice day in the morning? The stuff is headed here, evidently, but it all depends on whether or not it gets cold enough.

Personally, I'm half-and-half on whether I'd like the ice day or not. I'm way more tired than I should be after two days of a three-day school week and could certainly use the sleep, but I also missed a lot of students last week because of semester exams, and i'd hate to miss them again. At any rate, I'll be turning on the radio first thing in the morning to see what happens.

UPDATE: Of course, we didn't get the ice; the projected low temperature of 28 was off by six degrees. Oh, and it was also hard to get you to make your predictions when I forgot to click "publish" on this post until the next night. D'oh.

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