Thursday, November 06, 2003

Good Day/Long Day

Today was another one of those 13-hour teaching days, but I basically had a great time almost all day long, despite the length and having to eat lunch at 10 in the morning for the second day in a row (thank goodness for Subway, or I would've had to eat scrambled eggs for lunch).

This was the monthly "Bond with the Band Burrito Bash" where Combo Too goes to Chipotle after rehearsal. Stephen Stout, the originator of the 2BC in our crowd, repeated his feat tonight, though he missed in his attempt to recapture the time record from Micah. He got in a rut during the second burrito and slowed down to a Kev-esque 28 minutes, far short of Micah's record of 13 or his own previous time of 20.

When he was done, he said he felt totally bloated and thought he had a visibly distended stomach (we could sort of see it too). Miles (our bass player in the combo, but a fine guitarist in "real life") compared it to those nature shows when a tiger eats a wildebeest and you can see the tiger's midsection all distorted and everything from the extra animal inside. Stephen thought this was great and professed his desire to eat a wildebeest also--maybe two (the 2WBC??).

The combos are sounding good as we approach our concert in two weeks, so that always adds a bright spot to the day. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: I love teaching college. I don't know how much the staying-in-one-place aspect plays into this, but I can be having the worst day from my careening back and forth between high schools and middle schools, and then I'll get to the college and everything's all good. I feel blessed for the opportunity to do what I do there.

After Combo PM, I played some more racquetball with Ben. I still won all the games, but he's getting way better. I had to use my "right-side killer serve" a bunch to catch and pass him in the first game. I'm not sure about the combination of Chipotle and r-ball in the same evening (rumble, rumble, burp), but I made it out unscathed and feel a little less fat for it. If nothing else, I'm working off the extra food before it gets a chance to stick around.

QUOTE OF THE DAY: "Just imagine yourself weighing about 300 pounds, with a set of Viking horns on your head."--Me, to a high school student, to illustrate the kind of vibrato I wanted him to use at the climax of the slow All-Region etude.