Sunday, April 13, 2003

Your castle's bigger than my castle...

So today I took one of those occasional "Sunday drives" where I go to new neighborhoods and check out houses that I'll never, ever be able to afford. :-) There's this one place I really like, called Fairview; we played there a couple years ago for the famous "pig roast" gig. It's sort of like this little oasis--the country surrounded by the 'burbs. The houses are pretty much insanely big; you could fit three, or four or five, of my house in some of them (in fact one of them had a guest house that was bigger then mine, I think!). I just drive out there and soak it all in and try not to look like I'm gawking, heh heh.

But every time I drive out there, it makes me wonder: What kind of work do the owners of these places do in order to afford someplace like this? Is that work as "important" (i.e. long-lasting, having the greatest impact) as being an educator? And what would the world look like if teachers made as much as CEO's (ok, maybe not that much, since CEO's make an insane amount of money...maybe as much as, say, corporate VP's)? I never regret, for a second, the path I've chosen, but I try to imagine what it would be like to come home to a castle like that. Sometimes I also wonder what life must be like for the "weeknight warriors" in the nighttime combo class I teach, several of whom earn probably triple what I do and play their instrument for the sheer love of it...but then I get home to my admittedly non-castle and realize, naah, I wouldn't have it any other way than I do now (save for a fair lady to share the castle with). Still, every so often, I'll visit those castles and play for their parties, and dream a little.

Oh yeah, and as tax time approaches, I often wonder, dang, how much tax do those castle-owners pay, anyway? (I'll post my tax rant sometime around Tuesday....)

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