Tuesday, April 22, 2003

Up On The House-Top

OK, so I scaled some new heights today....literally. I actually climbed upon the roof of my house! Not for fun, mind you...a few weeks ago, during that big nasty hailstorm we had here, I managed to get a hole in the skylight of my house. Not a big one--basically the size of a fist and the shape of a Pac-Man. There's another layer of glass between me and the outside world, but I still needed to cover it before the next rain. A friend and I tried it last week, duct-taping a trash bag over the hole (the friend went on the roof, of course) but it ended up blowing away....and never did rain either. So today, borrowing the big ladder from the nice elderly couple across the street (that was my biggest concern, I think--not being able to get back down), I got up there and tried using a smaller bag this time...so far, so good for the protection (yeah, it did rain today), and I didn't fall off, I'm happy to say. So besides conquering part of my last remnant of acrophobia, I got a little bonus....the neighborhood looks really cool from up there. (Not that I'm planning a return trip to the roof until I actually replace the broken part...)

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