Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Kids Say the Darnedest Things About Stores and Food

A kid I was teaching this morning has a Swatch watch similar to mine, though I pointed out that mine had the bonus of actually being purchased in Switzerland. This kid is smart enough to know the difference between Switzerland and Sweden, but he didn't have too many kind words for the most famous store from the latter place...

KID: Don't even get me started on IKEA. My mom says that IKEA is the second-worst store on the planet...behind only Walmart.
ME: I agree with you on the Walmart part...but what's wrong with IKEA?
KID: It's got two levels, and it's jam-packed, and there's only one way to go, and the people move like snails. And all the food is Swedish!
ME: What's wrong with that? It is a Swedish store, after all,
KID: It's just weird. Why couldn't they have a hamburger or something?

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