Tuesday, February 23, 2010

So Far, Today Was a Snow-Go

One to two inches of snow expected in the Metroplex today, they said. I prepared myself for long drives between schools, even possible closures (and as I tweeted last night, I did not want a snow day today because of some important rehearsals for upcoming performances that were scheduled to take place). Starting around 5 a.m., they said last night. Moving in slowly from the west, they said this morning as I drove to school at 7:30.

So what did we get from this? Bupkis, so far. It was supposed to be heavier just to our south, in Hillsboro and Waco, but it actually stretched as far south as Austin, which got a rare snow day today. (My sister sent a picture of one of my nephews with the snowman he'd built; everyone say "Awww!") I have a feeling that the whole system ended up a bit further south than expected.

So if the DFW area is to break the record for most snowfall in a season, they'll need two more inches before spring, and it looks like today is out of the picture. And looking at the 10-day forecast, it's not supposed to drop below freezing again (after tomorrow morning) through at least March 4, so barring anything really unusual (spring break snowball fight, anyone?), the old record will stand.

Hey, fellow DFWers--anyone get snow today? Post your accounts (and cool snowman pictures) in the comments.

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