Saturday, June 21, 2008

Two More Graduation Absurdities

Now that summer has kicked in and I'm catching up on my Web reading, I have two more crazy stories involving graduations that I felt like I needed to share:
  • Students at a British university were forbidden from throwing their hats in the air at the ceremony's conclusion. The reason? "You might put an eye out." (I tossed my own hat at my undergrad ceremony just enough to where I could catch it, and I removed the tassel first, desiring to keep it to hang from the rear-view mirror in my car.)

  • And officials at a high school in the Cleveland area were embarrassed by a misspelled word on all 300+ diplomas given out recently. The offending word? "Educaiton."
(My previous weird graduation stories are here and here.)

Here's a lesson that not everyone will want to learn...or hear: A Scottish school is offering bagpipe lessons over the Internet.

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