Thursday, September 02, 2004

Mini-Office Party and the Next Gig

This is just a quick update, as I'm finally getting caught up on everything. First up: today was the day I redeemed my "free dinner for 4" at Chipotle; as always, the best burrito is a free burrito. Ben played the role of the "n00b," and Houston (new tenor guy) subbed for G, who had a gig playing at a reception for Carly Patterson tonight (that also took Miles out of the club for this). The table seemed so empty with only four people there...

Combo PM started tonight; it was really bizarre to only have two horns, after the juggernaut that was last semester's Supersax Jr. The vocalist will add a cool new dimension, though (in fact, Combo Too got a female vocalist today also; it's the first time ever that all four instrumental jazz groups have vocalists in the same semester).

And it's now confirmed, on the sidebar and the group blog: TD/D will play Ke Davi again on the 25th of this month. We're hoping for several new tunes (maybe even a whole set's worth) to be added by then, and the publicity machine will be in full force.

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G. Travis said...

You guys got the better deal. The gig was "eh".
Did my sub do me justice, or should I send YOU as my sub next time? ;-)