Monday, September 29, 2003

Response to Restau-Rant

I recently got an email in response to my Restau-Rant post from earlier in the month, where I was complaining about getting stuck behind people with mulitple orders at fast-food places who paid for each order separately. I'm not sure what was more shocking--the fact that I asked for email responses from readers and actually got one, or the realization that someone else is actually reading this blog besides my little group of friends and fellow bloggers (haha).

Anyway, Jeff, who's worked in the industry, weighs in with some good points:

I couldn't agree with you more, about these multiple orders and separate checks. It shows a few things:
--The guy suckered into getting lunch for everyone has never worked in a job serving the public. (So, he may just be naive, and feeling a little pressured by the folks back at the office)
--The folks back at the office have never worked with the public, don't care about inconveniencing others (the worker at the restaurant, the guy sent on the lunch run, other customers at the restaurant), and they are just plain CHEAP...counting every stinking penny. Can you imagine how they would tip if they went out to a regular restaurant?! Back when I was a bartender, we used to joke about tight-wads getting splinters in their fingernails because they had to scrape up every last coin from the bar.

So it's not just me...thanks, Jeff, for the feedback.

QUOTE OF THE DAY (on a license plate frame of a Saturn in front of me at a stoplight): "You touch my Saturn, I'll kick Uranus."
(And yeah, that license frame is probably illegal under that stupid new Texas law too. Ugh.)

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