Sunday, August 03, 2003

Opening the Door

Went out tonight to hear 15th Street Jazz and sit in for the last set again. Since the guys have graduated, they're heading off to four different colleges later this month, so this was one of their last gigs together for a while. They actually did a CD recording recently--they're just waiting on the finishing touches--so maybe there'll be a "release party" before they scatter for a while.

It's still so awesome to me that they actually got this group together and snagged some paying gigs before they even graduated from high school. They've blazed a trail that others can follow; in fact, another up-and-coming young sax player sat in this evening as well--perhaps a "passing of the torch" of sorts. He was talking about how cool the whole experience was, and I was encouraging him to do the same thing with a new group of people. The door has been opened...