Tuesday, June 24, 2003

Zack Attack

Happy Birthday Zack!

Zack has a unique way of looking at things that is always like a breath of fresh air. Here's one of his recent classics:

KevPG32: dude it is sooooo funny how many ppl mention the chipotle burrito in their blog sites...
ov3rc1ocked: because
ov3rc1ocked: it touches peoples lives
KevPG32: lol
ov3rc1ocked: i mean
ov3rc1ocked: look at how big it is to us
ov3rc1ocked: i eat it every week!

I sure hope he gets (at least) one for his birthday; he missed completing the 2BC by about 1/3 of a burrito, but there'll be another chance soon, as I owe him two for feeding the cat while I was in Vermont...as I said, the Chipotle burrito really has become the wampum of our day.