Sunday, January 11, 2004


I did have one weird thing happen over the weekend. I came back from Saturday afternoon's combo rehearsal to find my front door partway open! I guess what happened was that, when Halfling and I left for lunch, I managed the double-boneheaded move of: 1) forgetting to pull the door tightly and 2) forgetting to lock the deadbolt. There was a gusty south wind during part of the afternoon, so I guess the door blew open after I left.

Needless to say, I walked in there with more than a little trepidation. Thankfully, none of my stuff was gone, and nobody jumped out of the shadows to attack me (though if they did, I could have defended myself with James's old sword if I'd made it to the spare room). I guess my front door is so far back that nobody saw it open from the street.

The really weird part is that Tasha was there when I got back, just sitting by the front door awaiting my return. Normally, she bolts out the front door if it's open for more than a second, but now I know that she will evidently come back also. She was definitely out for a little bit, because she managed to eat a little bit of the ornamental grass out front (and subsequently puked it back up on my bedroom carpet--eww). But I never would have guessed that she had any sort of homing instinct. I guess she knew where the food was coming from...

At any rate, I feel like I dodged a bullet this time, and you can bet that I'll be almost OCD-like in my checking of the door every time I leave for quite a while.

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